Tropical garden design



Enjoy a slice of tropical paradise with our garden design services

There is no better way to enjoy Sydney’s gorgeous weather than in a luscious tropical garden. Whether you want to get away from the chaos of the city in your own resort-style garden or entertain friends by making them feel like they’re in Malibu, Terrace Outdoor Living can assist with our tropical garden designs in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

From Bondi to Woollahra, eastern suburb-dwellers can enjoy a stress-free garden transformation by putting their project in the hands of the experts at Terrace. We begin with an initial consultation that assesses your space, be it a small balcony, generous courtyard or commercial rooftop area. Our design will then work to create linear pathways, focal points, screening for privacy (often done with bamboo partitions) and luscious vistas so that you can truly immerse yourself in your own tropical jungle.

Our horticultural experts will then determine which plants are most suitable for your tropical garden, with popular options being palms, birds of paradise, bamboo and philodendrons. When choosing tropical plants, the colour, size, shape and texture of the leaves is important, with thick, glossy and large leaves instantly adding the tropical touch you are looking for. Flowers are also important, with hibiscus, lilies and frangipani adding to the tropical feel of your eastern suburbs garden.

Finally, the team at Terrace can also provide styling services, adding the final touches needed to truly embody a tropical feeling such as bright cushions, Balinese lanterns and modern furniture. Terrace Outdoor Living will also work to ensure your tropical garden is sustainable, with compost and mulch replicating the natural process that occurs in a tropical rainforest.

To fully enjoy Sydney’s beautiful weather and the stunning natural surroundings of the eastern suburbs, speak to Terrace Outdoor Living about our tropical garden designs for the eastern suburbs of Sydney. From private Zen-gardens to full-blown entertaining areas, we can create tropical gardens for any purpose.