Make the most of your rooftop space with our garden design

The epitome of tranquillity is the secluded rooftop garden. Whether you are lucky enough to have your own private rooftop garden or are looking to green your bar, restaurant, hotel or other commercial space’s rooftop area, Terrace Outdoor Living can assist with our rooftop garden design throughout Sydney.

Business and homeowners alike will often find that they have a clear vision of how they would like their rooftop garden to look but have no idea how to execute the design themselves. Terrace can help you turn your vision into a reality, beginning with an initial onsite consultation in which we gain an understanding of your tastes and needs. We then work in line with your desired aesthetic to produce a garden design that accurately reflects your wishes, before installing the appropriate plants and styling with complementary accessories.

One of the most fitting rooftop garden designs for Sydney properties is coastal chic, best encapsulated by tropical plants like palms, birds of paradise and ferns. In addition to such plants, versatile seating options should also be added to turn your rooftop into a tropical paradise that promotes relaxation and socialisation. For a more native garden, consider spear grass, wallaby grass, coastal twin-leaf, common everlasting and rounded moon-flower, as well as plenty of hardy succulents. Those wishing to add a rooftop garden to their restaurant or home may instead want one that is full of vegetables and herbs, with Terrace creating a rooftop garden design that perfectly suits you.

Rooftops will often be exposed to high winds, meaning the plants will need to be strong and installed properly. Additionally, when designing your rooftop garden, the team at Terrace will use our range of lightweight pots, which will ensure that your rooftop is not supporting an excess amount of weight in the form of heavy concrete pots.

With a focus on sustainability and socialising, Terrace Outdoor Living create original rooftop garden designs for Sydney businesses and apartments alike. From vertical gardens to lush green canopies, Terrace Outdoor Living can be relied upon to create the rooftop garden of your dreams.