Modern Pots for Your Very Own Jungle

For those who truly want to turn their outdoor area into an urban jungle, Terrace Outdoor Living’s large outdoor pots are an absolute necessity. Our extensive range of large outdoor pots at our Sydney store include:

  • Lightweight 'U' Charcoal, the perfect dark neutral to suit any outdoor environment
  • Lightweight 'U' White, the perfect light neutral to suit any outdoor environment
  • Bell Pot, to add a charming touch to your outdoor area
  • Cylinder Pot, striking for its modernistic look
  • Round Ball Pot, evoking the image of a Zen garden
  • Squat Cylinder Pot, the epitome of industrial chic
  • Painted Concrete Pot Bottom, a modern twist on a classic look
  • Painted Concrete Pot Top, hand painted for an authentic feel
  • Lightweight Oval Bowl, which instantly adds an organic touch to your space
  • Lightweight Terrazo Low Bowl, perfect for a succulent arrangement
  • Amsterdam Pot, for those with sophisticated Scandinavian sensibilities
  • Lightweight Egg Planter, for a slight touch of quirkiness in your outdoor area
  • Lightweight Troughs, perfect for balcony gardens and office entrances

Terrace Outdoor Living’s large pots are perfect for tall plants or those with thick foliage, such as the fiddle leaf fig or palm trees.

While being of an impressive size, Terrace’s range of pots are also unexpectedly lightweight so that it is easy for you to move your plants around as you please. Many balconies are also subject to weight restrictions, with excessively heavy pots not being suitable for such areas. As Terrace Outdoor Living specialise in garden design for small urban spaces, we endeavour to ensure that even our largest outdoor pots are still lightweight and suitable for urban spaces.

For a high-quality, carefully-curated range of large outdoor pots in Sydney, there is no looking past the beautiful products and expert service that is guaranteed at Terrace Outdoor Living.

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