Office Plants for Style and Serenity

Terrace Outdoor Living believe that all offices can benefit from the relaxing yet stimulating presence of plants. In fact, studies have found that office plants not only improve the appearance of your office, but also clean the air, boost productivity and increase the wellbeing of your employees. After all, humans thrive when exposed to nature, and should therefore try to integrate as many plants as possible into our workplaces, where we spend the majority of our days.

Terrace Outdoor Living are proud to offer a beautiful range of office plants in Sydney, with a particular focus on those that add an element of architectural interest to your office (such as snake plants, palms and fiddle leaf figs), and those that work to cleanse the air (such as spider plants, the peace lily or the Boston fern). We also consider the light, heat, air conditioning and humidity of your building, recommending plants that will best suit your office conditions. Furthermore, we also offer design and styling services, ensuring that the plants you opt for work to accentuate your office environment.

Whether you are looking to add individual plants to employees’ desks or are looking for statement plants to create a stunning reception area, Terrace Outdoor Living can help with our extensive range of office plants for Sydney businesses!

Office Plant Maintenance Sydney

While we all love to be surrounded by plants, it can be difficult to take care of them. Different plants have different watering and sunlight requirements, with some also needing to be fertilised or re-potted frequently. If you wish to add plants to your office but do not have the time to tend to them, Terrace can also offer office plant maintenance. Sydney business-owners can be sure that their office plants will thrive when left in the hands of our horticultural experts, who know how to maintain the conditions that each individual plant needs to flourish.

For a wide range of impactful, low-maintenance office plants in Sydney or office plant maintenance, turn to the one-stop shop that is Terrace Outdoor Living.

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