A Pot for Every Plant

Plant pots are more than just an object to store your plant in – they work to accentuate the natural beauty of your plant as well as provide your plant with the conditions it needs to thrive. Terrace Outdoor Living offer a wide range of garden pots to Sydney locals wishing to add an extra element of style to their green spaces.

From massive statement pot plants to delicate hanging baskets, Terrace have a plethora of garden pots for sale at our Sydney location, ensuring you can find pots to suit any plant.

At Terrace, we believe that garden pots are for more than just housing your plants – they can also be an eye-catching décor item, adding style to your home or business. We stock designs to suit every taste and space, from minimalistic blush-toned planters to pots with bold tribal patterns.

If our extensive range of beautiful, modern garden pots is simply too difficult to choose from, the expert team at Terrace Outdoor Living can also help you style your space. We believe styling is just as important as quality outdoor design, which is why we use our 20 years of combined styling experience to find the pots and accessories your space needs to truly come into its own.

Additionally, our horticultural knowledge also means we are able to choose pots that best suit the types of plants you will have in your space. Size, drainage, porosity and weight are all important factors to consider, making selecting the appropriate garden pot a difficult decision for many people. If you can’t tell a well-draining pot from a poorly-draining one, enlist the help of Terrace Outdoor Living instead. By choosing pots that not only complement your space aesthetically but are suitable for your chosen plants, you can ensure that all your greenery flourish to their full potential.

Terrace Outdoor Living are also the specialists when it comes to large garden pots in Sydney, with matching sets available to house even the largest of plants. Many small balconies will have weight limits that need to be adhered to, meaning bulky pots could compromise the structural integrity of your balcony. While big in size, our large pots are all still lightweight, meaning you can be sure your balcony or glass surface will be able to support the load.

If you have been searching for quality garden pots for sale in Sydney, look no further than the one stop shop that is Terrace Outdoor Living.