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Add colour and style to your balcony with our Light Weight Balcony Pots

Everyone deserves an outdoor area in which they can escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. In Sydney, unfortunately, backyards are a luxury many do not have. Terrace Outdoor Living seek to bring nature back into the homes of Sydneysiders, applying our garden design techniques to even the smallest of balconies.

At Terrace, we believe that all urban dwellers can benefit from having plants in their space, as they inject a much-needed dose of serenity to your surroundings. Even Sydneysiders without a spacious backyard can enjoy plants in their homes by cleverly adding them to their balcony area. Whether you are wishing to create an urban jungle full of luscious plants or simply want to grow your own fresh herbs, Terrace Outdoor Living can assist you with designing and styling your garden. BOOK DESIGN CONSULT

When adding plants to your balcony, you need to make sure you have the appropriate plant pots. Balconies often have weight limits, meaning excessively heavy pots cannot be placed on them, and also don’t offer much floor space, meaning you will need clever ways to pot your plants. Terrace Outdoor Living offer balcony plant pots to Sydney locals, ensuring everyone can create a green oasis for themselves regardless of the space they have available.


Cylinder Pots White - Medium

This range includes lightweight plant pots so that Sydney residents don’t have to worry about the weight-bearing capacity of their balcony. We also offer different styles of planters and pots that can fit in even the smallest of balconies, such as trough planters that can be placed at the perimeter of your balcony. One of our best solutions for small balconies are our hanging planters that can be suspended from the ceiling, allowing you to use your valuable floor space for furniture instead.

Thanks to our balcony plant pots, Sydney locals can enjoy the tranquillity of nature even when living in a city apartment! In addition to stocking a wide range of pots, Terrace also offer design and styling services to help you make the most of your balcony area. An initial onsite consultation is held to assess your space, with the option being available to have our outdoor designers manage your entire project or only work on specific elements.

From a complete balcony design makeover to quality accessories like lightweight balcony plant pots, Sydneysiders need look no further than Terrace Outdoor Living.