Monstera Deliciosa - ' Swiss Cheese Plant '

Product Description

Monstera deliciosa is a species of flowering plant native to tropical forests of southern Mexico, south to Panama. Common names include fruit salad plant, Swiss cheese plant or simply cheese plant in refernance to the splits and holes in the leaves.

Indoors plants grow to about 3 metres indoors although they can be trimmed to prevent them growing taller. If they are kept in small pots this will restrict their growth. When these plants mature in age and size they make a great feature point within living rooms, hallways and offices. 

 A beautiful plant with large rich green glossy foliage, This classic house plant is is currently having a massive renaissance you only have to check out the hasttag #monsteramonday on Instagram . The striking foliage has become a strong motif in interiors.

Great for a well to medium lit room or corner.

Repot your Monstera if you want it to grow taller, liquid feed in the growing months every month and allow to dry out a little between watering. Don’t allow it to sit in water or it can from root rot.

Size refers to pot size, plant size may vary greatly from images shown.

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We try to keep good availability of these plants at all times – however we only buy what looks good, strong and healthy when we go out shopping to our growers.

This ensures plants are healthy and robust when they come to live with you.

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