Epipremnum aureum – Pothos ' Devils Ivy'

Product Description

Pothos Plant, commonly referred to as Devil's Ivy, are known for their beautiful and vibrant foliage. This plant tends to have light green or white variegated heart-shaped leaves.

Suitable for trailing , hanging & can also be trained up support or will self cling to walls.


Will survive in low light situations but will loose some of the variegation ( marbling )

Water one a week in growing periods.

Size refers to pot size, plant size may vary.

Plant varieties and quantities in store are dependent on market prices and availability.

We try to keep good availability of these plants at all times – however we only buy what looks good, strong and healthy when we go out shopping to our growers.

This ensures plants are healthy and robust when they come to live with you.

We keep a range of plants in stock that we know will perform for you, whatever your space, but please be patient with us if we don’t have everything in stock all of the time!


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