Self Watering Pot 250mm

Product Description

A classic of the indoor plant world since its launch in 1987. Mr Kitly sought out this planter design and collaborated with the company who makes them to create and launch this Mr Kitly exclusive self-watering plant pot range. An original idea and Mr Kitly collaboration with Décor.

About the pots:


A lightweight planter that helps to take care of your plants - for home, office or anywhere. Clean, modern, and colourific plant pots. And large, for the bigger plants in your life. The pioneering Australian design in self-watering planters. Simply water from above the first few days, then top up via the water well at the bottom. 

250mm pot (250mm w x 210mm h - 150mm planting depth)


Also available in 170mm and 375mm sizes.

Plastic (BPA free)
Made in Melbourne


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