Mister Moss Balls

These gorgeous Mister Moss balls have just arrived in store and aren’t they just the cutest! Perfect for everyone including all of you non green thumbs out there, with a personalised name tag you know exactly what you are growing and to make things easy, all you need to do is dunk them into a bucket of water once or twice a week for 10 minutes! Yep, It’s that simple.

You can check out Mister Moss on Instagram where you can see all the wonderful ways in which you can use these growing balls.  A few of my favourite pics are below.

Mister Moss

Image copyright Mister Moss

Mister-Moss 1Mister Moss 2

Mister Moss 3Mister Moss 4

Mister Moss 5

  • Arun Prasad

Sydney Indesign

Sydney Indesign is upon us once again, and this year it’s set to be bigger than ever with an expansion of the program, a new name, and the addition of the Galleria! We couldn’t have been more thrilled when KE-ZU asked us to jump on board and assist with plants and pots to be used as part of their showroom display during the 3 day SID program.

Check out the The Vondom bones Planters (below, available at KE-ZU) that will be a key feature in the revamped showroom, along with a mix of smaller ceramic pots and plants including succulents, fiddle leaf figs, ferns and more supplied by Terrace.

KE-ZU has partnered with Yellowtrace for this project and it was a pleasure working with these wonderful creatives.

Vondom bones planters

Below are a few snaps of the install taking place yesterday!

table chairs

plants kezu set up

ke zu table

KEZU set up

  • Arun Prasad

Bella Vista Lights

We at Terrace are in love with these gorgeous Bella Vista lights by Seletti. The soft, romantic luminous garland of 10 LED lights are completely weatherproof meaning you can hang them wherever you desire! Draped around trees, outlining a garden feature, we think they are just perfect for long sunny evenings! Bring on summer!

Bella Vista

Bella Vista 1Bella Vista 2Bella Vista 3Bella Vista 4

  • Arun Prasad

The Pothole Gardener

I’d say these cute as a button ‘pothole gardens’ speak louder than words!
Created as a respite from the greyness of London these mini garden scenes have started a huge trend all over the world.
You can learn more about the pothole gardener here.

deck chairbikebirdframe walllight nighttelephone booth

  • Arun Prasad

Jardin Majorelle garden!

This time last year I was traveling through the heart of Morocco! What an inspirational mind blowing country it turned out to be! The chaos mixed with patterns, mosaics, architecture, vibrant colours, and lush oasis’s is any design lovers haven! TAKE ME BACK!

After a few days of being swept up in the bazaar markets in Marrakesh I was happy to escape to the gorgeous Jardin Majorelle garden, This stunning garden was made in the 1920s by the French painter Jacques Majorelle and later repurchased and faithfully restored by the incredible designer Yves Saint Laurent.

With its ‘Majorelle Blue’ feature throughout, vibrantly painted terracotta pots, lily-filled ponds, fountains and the biggest cactus garden I’ve ever seen you cant help but fall in love with this place.  I spent hours soaking up the tranquility whilst enjoying a good coffee!

vibrantly painted terracotta pots lily-filled ponds

fountainsvibrantly painted terracotta pots 1vibrantly painted terracotta pots 2vibrantly painted terracotta pots 3

  • Arun Prasad