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I'm dreaming of a green Christmas


Forget about white - we are all about the green Christmas here at Terrace! Between the most gorgeous indoor plants and the most elegant of accessories and decor, we've got you sorted for Christmas. 

We of course would always LOVE to receive indoor plants for Chrissy but we also think they are pretty much the ideal gift for anyone - unique, beautiful, unexpected, and life-affirming. What better way to celebrate than with something that will literally breathe new life into one's home.

IndoorPlants_pic1_grande 1

IndoorPlants_pic3_grande 3

Whether you’re choosing for your fussiest friend – the one with immaculate taste and a perfectly curated house – or for that mate for whom “interior styling” is a foreign concept, a beautiful indoor plant or selection of plants is the perfect gift. For your style savvy friends and family, indoor plants present a whole new opportunity for creating interest and stories within a space. Go for a sculptural monstera in an elegant planter or a collection of small succulents in gem-like pots – either way, they will be delighted with the chance to rearrange shelves, shift tables, and reposition décor to make their beautiful new arrival at home. Add one of these charming watering cans to the picture, and having a green thumb never looked more stylish.

IndoorPlants_wateringcanjpg_large 4 Yellow-Watering-Can-in-Garden

For your not so fashion-forward friend, a gorgeous indoor plant is the perfect way for them to inject fresh life into their space with very little fuss. Send them here for easy tips on styling with indoor plants and start them with a lovely pothos which, being sturdy and low light tolerant, are easy to care for. They are excellent air filters also and will give the place a good “clean” while sitting there looking pretty! A ficus robusta is similarly hardy though remind them not to over water it or put it in the way of a cold draft. Its broad shiny leaves are best kept dust free so include a water mister - this one is so beautiful that even the laziest house keeper will look forward to spritzing with abandon!



Contrary to popular belief, many indoor plants are surprisingly robust. Choose well, and your gift will last for a long, long time. Remember that many people are going away over the holidays, however. We recommend you give them a little set of instructions to keep their plant happy (we can let you know what the plant will need) while they are gone or else volunteer to babysit the plant until they are back.

Pop into the store to check on these on trend and now available indoor plants:

  • Monstera – its distinctively elegant leaves are loved by gardeners and artists alike so much so that the monstera has reached the status of iconic plant. Made famous by Matisse, they are an always welcome addition to any space.
  • Calathea – often called a peacock plant for its beautiful variety of rich colours and leaf patterns, this hardy indoor plant is rarely attacked by pests and likes a well-lit spot away from direct sunlight. Mist it regularly to recreate the tropical atmosphere it thrives in but don’t over water it.
  • Philodenron Xanadu – its gorgeously decorative leaves are the perfect combination of lush and tough. This tropical plant will thrive in plenty of natural light, well-drained soil, and plenty of added compost.
  • Strelitzia Nicolia – this striking plant can grow quite large but will be happy indoors if kept away from the cold and treated with slow-release fertiliser. Its stunning flowers give it the common name of Bird of Paradise and it adds real tropical drama to any room.

If your friend's home is already a veritable greenhouse of foliage then choose from our selection of stunning new arrivals for the perfect plant pot, stand or accessory. Our favourites for creating the perfect urban oasis include this elegant crescent stand, these gorgeous hanging arrow planters, the contemporary banjo pots, and the charming pocket planter.

Crescent-wire-plant-stand-fern_compact arrowplanter_compact banjopot_compact pocketplanter_compact

Stealing Santa's thunder has never been easier! See you in store.