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From indoors to outdoors and back again

Relishing the beauty of our outdoor domestic spaces is what we do at Terrace and never more so than over summer when more and more people look for opportunities to move their lives into sunshine and greenery and breeze.

With the long warm months windows are left open to catch the breeze, balcony doors are swung wide, sliding doors are slid almost permanently back, and even front doors are permitted to stand at open invitation.

In every way, our interior and outdoor spaces become more and more interconnected as we move easily between them, cold drinks in hand, to seat friends under stars and amidst ferns, to read the paper in dappled sunlight, to play catch with the kids, to smell the air for a summer storm.


Given all this time we spend outside, it has always made sense to me that an outdoor living space should be given the same level of care, of design integrity, of comfort and style that we apply so willingly to our indoor living spaces.

Indeed, while outdoor furnishings and upholstery may have come a long way in the last couple of decades, I still remember with real fondness the bright checks and bold florals with which our patio set were bedecked. The wide criss-crossed panels of the garden chairs, the waxed canvas of the tablecloth might be considered dated or quaintly retro these days, but I loved their vividness and the playful stylishness they brought to even the most low key bbq lunch.



It is a truly contemporary and elegant kind of vividness and playfulness that Academy Award –winner Catherine Martin brings to her stunning new range of outdoor fabrics and we are thrilled to be kicking off the summer season in such beautiful style. Martin’s designs are from her collaboration with Mokum and were developed while working on pieces for Miami’s Faena Hotel and they have notes of the sun soaked glamour we associate with that city along with the distinctively Australian edge that is part of Martin’s design signature.

Coral branches, sun motifs and flamingos are all part of an exuberant ode to tropical charm and I love that the range of colour palettes extends from saturated indigo, pink, turquoise, orange, and red all the way through to soft, restrained dove greys, bone, cream and white.



These luscious designs will make even the sparest of outdoor spaces beautiful and comfortable to spend time in. They stand on their own as works of fabric design but also work to complement and sit happily amongst the most abundant greenery or the most restrained of poolside elegance.

Soft enough to use inside as well, they are, of course, designed to withstand the harshest of summer days so that their colours remain true through blazing sun and stormy nights.



Just as lush but in a slightly more understated way are Kelly Wearstler’s Terra Firma Textile designs inspired by the diverse landscapes of California. In tonal hues that are designed to intermix and match harmoniously, Wearstler’s fabrics have a distinctively organic elegance – earthy, textured and beautifully detailed.

Like Martin’s, they are designed for indoor and outdoor use so that you can play with a recurring motif or set of colours to create connection and flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces. I can’t get enough of the Balboa design with its speckly graphic calling to mind beachside dunes and bush – real California dreaming!




We’ve also got our hands on the gorgeous Stonefields collection from Paul Bangay which has all the symmetrical and delicately balanced style that his gardens are renowned for.

Ranging from earthy terracottas to ocean blues, Bangay’s designs have a sense of European luxury that makes me think of elegant Tuscan gardens or chic Parisian terraces. They are pretty much the perfect blend of classic and contemporary which is what makes them such a great choice for so many different kinds of homes.



You can have a wander through the Catherine Martin ranges here and we can show you samples from Kerry Wearstler’s and Paul Bangay’s collections in store.

If you’re keen to transform or even just to tweak your favourite outdoor space but don’t know where or how to start, then give us a call.

There is nothing we would rather discuss!

Images from top: Terrace Outdoor Living, Pinterest, Etsy, James Dunlop Textiles, Kerry Wearstler, Elliott Clarke