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I can’t imagine my home without plants in it.

They are as much a part of my space as chairs or paintings or floor rugs. Show me a green-free room and watch me start to twitch with the anticipation of filling it up with a little chlorophyll.  I don’t have a green thumb so much as a green mind set!

indoor plant styling

But for a lot of people, introducing greenery to your interiors can be a little intimidating. The added responsibility of keeping something alive while also making it look stylish can seem challenging. But don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be the Amazon jungle in there. A few well-placed pots can be the difference between a blank canvas and a room that shimmers with colour and life.

 If you’re feeling a little cautious, why not start with some small succulents? They are hardy little things and can be beautifully sculptural or quite quirky and charming. If you build up a collection in a variety of different sized pots, they are conveniently mobile so you can move them around as you wish – tuck them into bookshelves, have them keep you company at your work desk, let them freshen up the bathroom, or bathe in sunlight on a window sill. I especially like to use metallic pots or pots with a glossy sheen to them for my smaller plants – they gleam and reflect light in a way that can make even the dimmest corner glow. They needn’t look fussy. Just make sure you take them out of their plastic container, pop them in something lovely, and keep them clean – a dusty, cobweb covered succulent is a sad sight indeed.

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I love to use them as a table centre piece instead of cut flowers. They have an organic and earthy feel which can make for an elegant and sophisticated look. For the table setting below, I’ve played with quite a limited colour palate – blues, greens, a dab of yellow – for a jewel-like effect. I find it best to stay away from a uniform look – pot your succulents in a range of differently sized pots and don’t be afraid to mix a plain ceramic pot with something a little more elaborate. It can make for an intriguing visual story.

indoor plant styling succulents

If you’ve got light and space to play with, go bold with a large planter pot and a luxuriant Calathea or Begonia rex with its beautiful wide leaves and tinges of pink or the graphic, glossy lobed leaves of the ever popular monstera. Use this largest plant as the central piece around which to gather a “family” of different sized plants. Steer clear of placing two or more of the same or same sized plant next to each other and avoid having a tiny pot lost or towered over by much bigger pieces. Again, it’s fun to experiment with a range of heights and pot shapes – the clean white curve of a big planter can be complimented by a couple of smaller pieces in neutral tones  and using a stool, plinth or stand can be a stylish way to create different levels.

indoor plant styling


There is something quite magical about hanging plants and, because they don’t take up any floor space, they can usually find a home in even the smallest room. I’m a particular fan of the Devcils Ivy or Scindapsis. With its trailing vine of foliage, it can be such an elegant way to add greenery to a space. You can arrange in much the same way as you would with fairy lights by trailing it over small hooks along the wall or ceiling.


indoor plant styling

A hanging pot of rhipsalis or Ceropegia - Chain of hearts is a lovely way to introduce a waterfall of draped greenery and they have the added advantage of being relatively low maintenance. I’m a macramé devotee from way back and a macramé hanger for your pot is a great way to add a little bohemian moment to your greenery in a way that is hip rather than hippie.

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Just as you would with any other aspect of your home, have a play and experiment with your indoor plants – move them around (they’ll like that anyway depending on where the sun is shining), place them a different heights, see where they seem happiest and look most at home. Remember, there’s no need to confine them to tables or corners - put some pots on the staircase, hang them above the bath tub, nestle them among the pots and pans in your kitchen. In no time, they will become as essential to you as your couch or a favourite painting, and, like me, you'll be hooked forever on green.

To take a guided video tour through my home and get some more plant tips check out : In My Place on

indoor plant styling

 Photography by : Melissa Mylchreest


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